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for the middle class and we went out and rescue general motors. we went ahead and make sure we cut taxes for the middle class and when that occurred, what did romney do? he said no, let's them go bankrupt. we helped finance homes and he said no. it should not be surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are not willing to take responsibility for their lives. my friend said recently 37% of the american people are takers. these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up with, my neighbors. they've paid more effective income tax. they are elderly people and veterans and people fighting in afghanistan right now who are not paying any taxes. i have had it up to here with this notion that 47% -- is about time they take some responsibility here. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us not to bring back the middle class, they should be signing upa pledge say we will level the playing field and give you a fair shot, we will not repeat the mistakes were made in the past by having a different set of rules for wall street and main street.
about his position and let's start with taxes. governor, the president keeps saying that mitt romney is proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. that is not true. >> well, chris, wait a minute here. the governor -- former governor romney is proposing a 20% cut to income taxes, including income taxes for the wealthiest of americans. and, i believe a 30% cut for corporate income taxes, including big all, socking all of us at the pump, right now and any economist may debate whether it adds up to $4.9 trillion or $5 trillion and the fact of the matter. >> clayton: in this debate we saw big bird meet the big lie. those tax cuts, there are costs to those tax cuts, the biggest driver to our deficit... >> chris: if i may, sir, you are talking about half the planet like talking about obama's jobs plan, the entire plan is to give more money to teachers and, that is not obama's plans and similarly you are mischaracterizing the romney plan, saying, it is -- you are right, $5 trillion by lowering the tax rate but he talks about cutting loopholes... >> oh, chris, which loopholes and which deductions? sena
christieraise taxes on small business. i will not raise taxes on business. i will not tase ax -- raise taxes on middle-income people i will not raise taxes on the american people. it's a very different approach. >> no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio. romney plans to spend the next three days in that state. >>> brian kobilka got the call from sweden about 2:20 a.m. that he won the nobel prize. he's a profess at stanford school of medicine and won the prize for ground-breaking discoveries on cell proteins that have helped scientists develop better medication e share urs the prize with duke university professor with robert lefkowitz and he says he already has plans for the money. >> the kids. they don't make that much money. you don't know what's gonna happen in the future. you want to be able to have something to leave to your children. >> yeah, it's icing on the cake. we never work for the company. it's icing on the cake. >> this is a wonderful day -- >> he also had a chance to talk about his work during a press conference at stanford this morning. >>> the hopes of anot
in danville, kentucky, to spar over the economy and more. who will pay more in taxes who will pay less? the middle class will pay less and the people making $1 million will pay slightly more. the continuation of the bush tax cuts--we're arguing that tax cuts for the wealthy should be allowed to expire. you see, there aren't enough rich people to tax to pay for all their spending and so the next time you hear them say don't worry about it, we'll get a few wealthy people to pay there fair share, watch out middle class, the tax bill's coming to you." the next round of presidential debates happens tuesday. on the heels of jp morgan's earnings out today, reports say the bank is considering changes at the top. the cfo, douglas braunstein, might leave his post, but will remain at the bank. ceo jamie dimon continues to be under fire for that multi-billion-dollar trading loss earlier this year. third quarter revenues are expected to climb to $25 billion, topping last year, mostly due to the improving housing market and it mortgage lending business. goldman sachs has the results of its "muppet
chance and made his choices. his economic agenda, spending, borrowing, higher taxes, a government takeover of health care, it is not working. millions of americans are struggling to work and 15% are in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. you deserve better. we want to earn your support. we are offering real reforms for every american. mitt romney, his experience, ideas, and solutions are uniquely qualified to get this job done. at a time we have a jobs crisis, wouldn't it be nice to have a jobs creator in the white house? a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic that promotes opportunity and jobs. mitt romney and i will not duck the tough issues are blame others for the next four years. we will take responsibility and we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. the choice is clear, and the choice rests with you. >> thank you both again. this concludes the vice- presidential debate. please tune in next tuesday for the second presidential debate in new york. i'm martha rattis of abc n
, martinez, santa clara, santa rosa and sunnyville. they will look for issues such as falling tax revenue. it would increase borrowing cost and could interfere with infrastructure projects. >> san francisco's first target is opened for business. this morning several hundred shoppers showed up for the soft opening. it is 25% smaller than normal target stores. >> we found the guest in our urban stores don't purchase as much. >> the store focuses on fresh foods and active wear. an official grand opening is planned for sunday. >>> members of occupy oakland are preparing for a party, why people across the street are preparing for something else. >> a powerful storm in the mountains. severe thunderstorm was in effect. that is a big one. lightning and large hail in the area. where the system is going and if it is headed in your area. 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> protegessers gather -- protesters gather, marking one year since the occupy movement began. ktvu's paul chambers tells us why it is making some folks nervous. >> reporter: there are a dozen protesters at city hall ri
the middle-class tax cut because they say we won't pass, we won't continue the middle- class tax cut unless you give the tax cut for the super- wealthy. >> reporter: after president obama's lackluster debate last week, some feel joe biden was on the attack. >> that's a bunch of malarky. >> because he doesn't have a record that is defendable, he keeps to raise his voice. >> any time the right is going after you on stop wins, you know you've won the argument. >> reporter: despite biden's strong performance it may not be enough to erase president obama's weak performance in denver. the real test will be when the candidates square off next week. reporting from danville, kentucky. i'm sandra endo. >>> a fire destroys a home in san jose. we'll tell you you why the flames weren't the only concern for neighbors. >> and it's another cool, gray die outside. rosemary says a change is coming. she's gonna tell you when and where. >> it's just ban remarkable change -- been a remarkable change. >>> and a trip to the suisun bay. x@ñññé >>> the retired space shuttle "endeavour" is taking a break from i
-class taxes and stimulate the economy." >>> meantime republican presidential candidate mitt romney campaigned today in florida. romney says the president's policies would "kill the american dream," and the way to ensure a brighter future is cut government spending. behind the scenes campaign workers worked towards the goal of contacting 2 million voters by phone in florida as well as other swing states. >> a republican congressman from georgia is making national headlines today. after comments he made about his religious beliefs were posted on a church website. >> evolution big bang theory, all of that is lies, straight from hell. >> representative paul broun made those comments at a baptist church in georgia. the church has since removed the video, but the bridge project, the political watchdog group reposted the video. broun is a medical doctor and said cites on the house committee of space and technology. he is running for re-election, unopposeed. >>> volunteers from the yes on proposition 30 campaign gathered this morning in front of mcclymonds high school. the measure is backed by gov
2006. this is due in part to higher tax revenues collected by state governments. however, whether the hiring boom is temporary may depend on factors like the fiscal cliff and the election. disturbing accounts of animal abuse are coming from an idaho dairy farm. undercover video at the bettencourt dairy farm in hansen, idaho, shows three men beating cows in milking stalls. animal cruelty charges have been filed against the three workers. it is the largest dairy operation in the state. the owner of the dairy farm said he was sick over the video and that the operation does not tolerate animal abuse. on a lighter note, the price of candy for cows is up. the practice of feeding cattle a sugary mix of cookies, candy bars and other delights has been going on for years, sometimes to improve milk production. this year, as more farmers substitute "candy" for "corn," the price of the sugary feed is rising. a livestock nutritionist tells us it is not harmful for the animals. farmers have a 3% limit on goodies they can feed cows. it is a "smashing" season for pumpkins. this fall's pumpkin crop
.com. >>> supporters of a number of initiatives, including the governor's tax hike to support education. ♪ [ music ] those who took part in the so- called vigil for the votes are encouraging voters to support proposition 30. that's the governor's temporary tax increase proposal. in addition, they are also calling on voters to approve prop 36, which would modify the three strikes law to keep nonviolent offenders to being sentenced to prison. they also want voters to approve prop 34, which would end the death penalty. >>> a man accused of kidnapping, and sexually assaulting a young girl pleaded not guilty in a san mateo county court today. prosecutors say he walked on park side elementary school on september 21 and grabbed a girl from the bathroom. they say he carried her off campus, where he assaulted her. dna evidence prompted them to arrest him. >>> the fallout from the highly publicized ordeal is not over. ktvu's rob roth tells us now the district attorney is asking mirkarimi to excuse himself. >> i'm calling upon ross mirkarimi to recuse himselfs from the duties in his office to the custody, su
are takers. these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up, my neighbors. they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in his federal income tax. >> reporter: yet paul ryan did not let up on the administration on obama care and taxes. >> now, we think government taking 28% of a family and that business income is enough. president obama, he thinks they ought to take the small business income. >> now, some early polling done right after the debate tonight. show that people are largely split over who came out on top. we're live in the newsroom, eric rasmussen. >> now, a live look where students formed their own opinions as they watched tonight's debate. >> we met the students backing up romney, obama, even the ron paul supporter. and for many at the university, the historic debate between the vice presidential candidates hit home. >> they started it over to watch the vice presidential match up. and they watched and listened. >> i watched it as well a couple weeks ago. obama kind of left me hanging there. seeming to be weak on the spot. >> i think biden was extremely unprofession
to maintain support and needed to be obsessive if he was going to win the election. >> we cannot afford tax cuts for the wealthy, to gut investments for clean energy and research and technology and education. >> there were smaller groups of protesters outside and they were expressing their discontent like the federal crackdown on medical marijuana. there were some mitt romney supporters there as well. he stayed at the high yacht and earlier this morning we should see the motorcade. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well on the campaign trail in the rain, mitt romney told supporters in virginia... >> america needs this, we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> mitt romney along with with the governor of virginia made a stop at an elementary school as the student started cheering as the motorcade raced by. you will find it in the video player on our front page. >>> police continue to look for answers after two people were shot to debt inside a car in west oakland. it happened just before 10:00 last night. police received several reports of fun shots i
a million toll lores a year -- dollars a year in taxes. >>> the department of transportation is expected to bring them close to a billion dollars today. ray la hood, senator finestein and die and pelosi -- dianne pelosi, they say voters have to approve the subway station plan. >>> now let's go to sal to check in on traffic, sal? >>> traffic continues to look good around the bay area, it is nice and early and let's go out and take a look at some of these pictures. it still looks good driving in from vallejo all you the way to the east shore freeway. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city and if you are driving on the freeway, high ward freeway, -- hayward freeway, things are looking good as you drive towards the airport, let's go to steve. >>> now low was sitting there. it started to work its way up the coast but picked up enough moisture. reported los gatos, prune dale, coming right off the center and this came over us as that low moves into southern california. underneath that, showers are still moving south but it looks
identities to obtain tax refunds. stephenson is scheduled to be sentenced in december. she faces up to 10 years in prison. >>> a supermarket chain is now explaining why it began using a highly controversial federal system to verify the immigration status of all new hires. today, pueblo foods announced it's being odd ditted by homeland security, looking into the work eligibility and citizenship status of the company's employees after complaints about suspected illegal immigrant workers. this comes amid calls by the union to boycott the supermarket over the use of that e verify system, but the company said it wants to join with the community to focus on the bigger picture. . >> it's really important. there's been a lot of controversy and conflict around the issue. we want the community to know that what we need to do now is work together on immigration reform. >> the union says it's backing off the e verify demand after learning about the audit, but still plans to boycott because the company refuses to sign a labor agreement. >> the e verify system is the federal government's electronic ver
, the tax break is they don't pay any corporate taxes. so they pass on more of the distribution to the investors. so, the range of yield is anywhere from the mid- 4s to some as high as high 6s. so we run a couple portfolios that have five average 6% yields in master limited partnerships. so, it's a little more gamey. they trade essentially like bbb corporate bonds. but they pay a little bit more than bbb corporate bonds. so it's not for everybody, and it's not for your whole income portfolio. but- > > it's a little bit of a risk. > > yeah. there is more risk. it's in the safer area of your portfolio, but it offers more yield and a little bit more risk than traditional bonds. but for the right person it can be a nice way to enhance your yield. > > do these mlps track what's going on with oil or natural gas? > > not as much. when you think about how they function, essentially, if you own the pipeline, and companies run oil and gas through your pipeline, they're paying tolls. so you're like the tollbooth operator, and you charge them a certain fee every time they go by. so, there's
barack obama and mitt romney. in his speech president barack obama criticized mr. romney's tax plan. >> the centerpiece is a 5 trillion-dollar tax cut cued towards the wealth -- cued towards the wealthy. he has been pitching this plan for almost five years now. >> reporter: it is one of three funds raisers he attendped and there was a tech round table where people paid $40,000 a ticket to meet with with the president and the president is scheduled to depart at 9:25 this morning and these roads will remain closed to pedestrian traffic and then the president heads to ohio for a fundraiser to address the crowd at ohio state university. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we have the president's speech on the website and you will find the video in the video player on the right of our page. >>> meanwhile, mitt romney will join the president after a stop in ohio and he told people he is confident he will be the next president of the united states. >> we cannot go on the path we are on and we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> mitt romney made an
republicans fight back -- >> higher taxes, lost jobs. >> reporter: democrats are bringing in big guns like bill clinton this week to help them turn had tied. but most say winning 25 seats is a heavy lift for democrats and a house majority is most likely out of their grasp. >> it is getting difficult. it will be difficult for democrats to take back the house. >> reporter: there aren't usually so many competitive races in california. one benefit is a boost to the state's economy. money is pouring in to try to influence the outcomes. reporting from washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the pain that pump is starting to subside. the average price in california dropped about a penny to $4.66 a gallon. some stations in the bay area are charging more than that. the highest price in the bay area at $5.19 a gallon. that isane san bruno -- is in san bruno. and prices have a long way to go. >>> testing of the bart tracks could cause delays. testing begins tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. service will be reduced to single tracks. then on saturday the trains will run in the manual setting in both directions which
wealthy people to bay pay their share, watch out, middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. >> coming up -- what the polls show about which candidate won that debate. >>> some controversial signs in morago have turned up missing. 19 of the signs were gone on wednesday. >>> two judges have dismissed two claims in the pipeline explosion. instead of public hearing, closed-door negotiations will be held to determine how much pg&e should be fined. many san bruno victims pleaded to keep this process public. >>> the sonoma city council is considering new retricks on -- restrictions on vicious dogs. owners would be required to keep dogs locked up or muzzled when they are away. owners would also have to go get liability insurance. >>> if you plant -- if you plan to tral on b.a.r.t. expect some delays. they willer performing maintenance at 9:00 tonight. b.a.r.t. says passengers should expect delays. service should be back to normal on sunday. >>> let's get to sal. you want to start out in contra costa county, sal? >> that's right, mike and claudine. we're still gonna be show in contra costa cou
backed by the industry is working to defeat a soda tax on the november 6th ballot. it would put a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. it would pay for obesity education. >> there is a new opportunity this morning for the young and unemployed. the vice mayor of san jose hosting a job fair at the westfield oakridge mall. if you are between 16 and 21 you can interview for a position and get information about jobs at local businesses. san jose city council does it every year. >> pay pal has announced its planning to cut jobs for the first time since 2008. the layoffs are expected to impact about 3% of its work force. it's about 400 jobs. according to reports most of the cuts expected in the product development, technology and marketing departments. >> the nba is headed to china. they said they will open a basketball center near bejing. that as the heat and clippers played in that country. the facility would include nba style courts, a fitness center and restaurants. they say basketball is very popular in china and they have made faster progress in developing a fan base there than
debate performance last week, mr. obama sharpened his criticism calling governor romney's tax plan a relapse to the past. >> it's to let wall street run wild again, but he's going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> reporter: some supporters were surprised by forgiving of the president's debate performance. >> it shows he's human. he's like a regular person. >> i'm really rooting for him and hoping he can pull out some good arguments in his next debate and we'll see his poll numbers jump back up. >> reporter: the president told them to maintain enthusiasm. they need to be obsessive to help him get reelected. he's now on his way to ohio. he is scheduled to address a crowd of supporters at ohio state university later today. in san francisco, ally, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> mitt romney is also headed to ohio later dead, but made a stop in iowa beforehand. he wasted no time responding to the president's latest ad that pits romney against sesame street's big bird. >> these are tough times with real serious issues, so you have to scratch your head when the president spends the l
to try to stop that. the seizure would interfere with their system to license and tax medical marijuana dispensary. >>> new informations about sudden oak death. scientists said it is predding again -- spreading again. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us live now. >> reporter: i am on a ridge, look at this. these are oak trees. all these trees now at risk from sudden oak death. >> reporter: experts say sporesf the sudden oak death pathogen -- spores of the sudden oak death pathogen jumped the hills. here the infection of a live oak. >> they are the vector. they carry the pathogen and it spreads. >> reporter: this map shows how sudden oak death spread over the last 7 years. experts say it established. >> we are terrified watching this disease effect our forest. >> reporter: scientists predicted this surge but there is new hope. >> some of our oaks appear resistant. >> reporter: they are trying restoration. in the mean time there is preventative treatment and it is cheap. >> $25 a tree. youwant to do that twice a year. >> reporter: experts warn homeowners to keep an eye o
. >> the two men sparred over foreign policy, medicare, and questioned each other's promises to cut taxes. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is. it's been done before. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple times. >> it has never. >> jack kennedy. ronald reagan. >> as for which candidate won the debate it seems to be a bit of a tossup with some polls giving a slight advantage to ryan. others to biden. a watch party of students turned out for this historic debate between two catholic vice presidential candidates. >> i am catholic and it's nice to hear them say they are practicing. but i think a lot of the policy they forget about their religion. >> even this campus only about 50 students showed up to watch the vice presidential debate. there were plenty of empty seats. >>> president obama watched the vice presidential debate on air force one as he was returning to washington from a campaign visit from florida. following the debate the president told reporters he thought joe biden was terrific and already called the vice president to congratulate him. mitt romney w
austerity measures and tax hikes but this protest doesn't end the way we usually see them. take a look at this video from neptune plaza. as you can see here you have thousands of protesters rallying but notice how they're surrounding the police and watch what the police are doing. the police are retreating. >> sure. they've found themselves in a pretty precarious situation. there's thousands of people coming at them. they don't have any protective shields or helmets or anything like that. >> they don't have a lot of protection and a lot of numbers. they are completely outnumbered by the protesters, but as you can see, they're just following them back to their police van but nobody's throwing molotov cocktails. they're just chanting. they were chanting united people will never be defeated. >>> it's "right this minute" prank time. this one was uploaded to our my channel feature by one of our viewers. this guy chris is about to prank his friend jason who's inside the room asleep. >> spraying him down with fabreeze. >> nathan was mem more rised by this accelerant which
apply to, say, hospital that is serve the general public. on president obama's proposed tax increase? >> people making $1 million or more -- . >> reporter: the proposal rolls back bush tax cuts on people making over $100,000 and couples $250,000 a year, and we found people commenting on the body language. >> i didn't like biden's reaction. and he is constantly smirking and laughing and showing his big teeth. >> he is comfortable and knowledgeable. he seemed very relaxed. >> the body language is so minimal. contrived. they're in suits, come on. >> reporter: 50 million viewers watched the debate compared to 70 million who tuned in for the joe biden-sarah palin debate four years ago. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2news. >> early polling after the debate show that people were split over who they think came out on top. a cnn survey found that paul ryan was the winner, but the numbers were well within the 5% margin of error and a cbs poll found that 50% thought biden won. >>> more doyle drive demolition is coming soon. what it will mean for bay area drivers. >>> and your bay area weekend is
, and a slightly cooler day. 71 for santa rows tax 70 degrees for mountain view, low to mid-60s in the city of san francisco. at some point, some scat may enter the picture -- some scattered showers may enter the picture. we get into monday night, maybe a few sprinkles over tahoe, occasions of the system off the coast, moving -- occasions of the system off the coast moving in. we are still from too to four -- two to four days out. looks like the best shot, temperatures not budging a lot. low to mid-70s in the forecast inland. low 70s at the coast. >>> just a few hours, the opening ceremony for oktoberfest will get underway. oakland mayor will help kick off the event which begins at 11:00 a.m. it's happening at the intersection of fruit vail avenue and mcarthur. >>> president obama heads back to california tomorrow morning. the list of hollywood celebs helping him raise money, plus a 49ers star who is expected to attend a big fund raising bash. >> the ripple effect of california's record high gas prices. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase li
brown's november tax measure. what one bay area community says will what happen -- will happen if prop 30 fails. >>> sunny for some. there's a lot of cool temperatures today. >> thank you, steve. >>> the vice presidential candidates face-off in their only debate in kentucky tonight. alison burns has more. >> reporter: even though joe biden is mup more experienced on the national stage, he participated in 20 debates and forums during the 2008 campaign. most of the recent polls show more voters think paul ryan will win tonight's debate now, ryan arrived at center college in kentucky just about ten minutes ago to check out the site. he's participated in nine mock debates to prepare for this moment. he says the goal is to emphasize the clear differences between the romney and obama campaigns. joe biden is looking to ramp up momentum after the president's poor performance last week caused the obama ticket to drop in the polls. >> what i've been doing mostly is, quite frankly, studying up on congressman ryan's position on the issues. >> i know how he will come and attack us. the problem he i
in city taxes last year. the subway is getting $942 million in federal funding and that is the announcement from finestein and ray la hood. a group of critics called the project a waste of month my. >> let's check in with sal and see how we are looking so far, hey, sal? >>> mike, pam, we are doing okay so far and let's look at what we have so far, this is 880 north and southbound which is looking good and i also noticed it was damp from last night's rain in oakland. so just be careful out there. san francisco, 101 northbound looks good getting up to the 880 split with no major issues. and there was a splash, now it is only to the right but it is kind of an unusual turn. it is better after in marin by the way. >>> and in the sierra, it is moved out into the pacific but could be an isolated shower and another band may plan more towards the south basement there are numerous reports of hail and in san jose, half-moon bay, good thunderstorm activity and last night thunderstorms rumbled off the sierra nevada and we could see some like that. i would think collar moving
the largest in the united states. they pay about a million dollars in taxes. >>> lance armstrong is fighting back. they released a report with a list of accusations involving performance enhancing drugs. coming up some of the charges in that 200 page report and what armstrong calls the case against the cyclist. >>> and on the bridge of i will limb -- brink of elimination, tara moriarty is live in san francisco as the countdown begins for the big giants game in san francisco. >> reporter: well, there is a 10:00 game start so a lot of people are playing hookey and fans will plan catch their teams later today and they will have a chance after pulling off a nail biting game last night. >> the oakland a's will live another day... [applauds] >> reporter: they rally from behind and cocoa crisp made the game winning hit and they congratulated him with a whipped cream pie to the face. >> this is a great team. they are going to come back and win... [crowd noise] [applauds] >> reporter: and the giants pulled off an 8-3 win over the reds and that forced a winner takes all game 5 in the national division
send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. i thought of something else we need fwhat's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer. >>> family 2 family. commitment to the community. the city's top chefs come together in a special culinary event in san francisco. on thursday october 25th attend the option at the palace hotel in san francisco. bidding on culinary auction items on packages. benefit march of dimes and their efforts to promote healthy babies. >> a multi vehicle pile up on interstate 75 in florida sent 30 people to the hospital. two people had to be airlifted by medical helicopters. it was a series of three crashes. no fatalities have been reported. >>> friendly fire is likely to blame for the shootings of two boarder agents.
a way to cancel tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in on january 1st. if they go into effect some warn it could put the country back into a recession. >> a sea lion in disstress. >> and a pretty nice day but live storm tracker 2 showing showers. we mentioned a chance again for sprinkles tomorrow. when that could happen. s out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> now to the continuing coverage of playoff fever in the bay area and today it's do or die for the giants and the a's. we have live team coverage for you beginning with joe fonzi live in cincinnati where the giants in the middle of a must win game. >> reporter: you hear a lot about that term in sports, must win games but for the giants it's absolutely applying tonight. they are down two to none in their series and they must win or go home. the folks in cincinnati here are very optimistic. there were plenty of reds fans in places you would expect them, sa
policy, medicare, and questioned each other's promises to cut taxes. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathmatically possible. it has been done before. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple times. >> it has never been. >> jack kennedy, ronald reagan. >> now you are jack kennedy. [ laughter ] >> as for which candidate won the debate it seems to be a tossup with some polls giving a slight advantage to ryan. others to biden. >>> here in the bay area they held watch parties. >> ryan is staying on target. he is staying with the facts. biden is going after him. interruptions. not making himself clear. >> the president is an excellent president. he is a decent man. sometimes too decent. joe biden is showing you have to stay with the facts. >> those people obviously thought joe biden dominated the debate. republicans thought paul ryan came out ahead. no surprise there. we have posted more video of last nights debate just look for world and u.s. news tab. >>> another debate is making headlines but for very different reasons. youtube video shows two southern cali
by the beverage industry is spending millions of the dollars to defeat a soda tax on the upcoming november ballot. the money raised would go to pay for obesity education and community programs. >>> american airlines says it's working on more planes now to keep the passenger seats from coming lose. american says it has already fixed seats on 48 planes now it's going to work on 48 more. the next batch of plays are boing 757. the airline says it hasn't been a problem but they are going to put additional clamps as a precaution. >>> southwest declined to match a $10 fare increase. southwest the reason is simple, it's costs are going up. >>> if prop 32 were to pass all of the union money would be removed. >>> paying for politics the issue on next month's ballot ballot that is already dividing the state. >> and the weekend is here and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. what to expect in the bay area forecast. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> the novemb
's cup village opens for a day of racing. cians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> we want to show you live pictures of developing news out of hayward you can see a mess on the street. thousands are without power this morning. because of that. and it may be hours before they get their lights back on. good morning, and welcome back to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm eric rasmussen in for mike mibach. ktvu were the only ones on scene during that pole down. allie rasmus is there live with a look at the response and repairs. >> reporter: pg&e spokeswoman told me they hoped to have the power back on to everyone in the neighborhood. 5,000 people felt impacted by the outage. they hope to have the power back on by 8:30 this morning. you can see they have a lot of work ahead of th
. >> the centerpiece of mitt romney's plan is a $5 trillion tax cut skewed toward the wealthy. he's been pitching this plan for almost two years now. >> boo! >> no, no. don't boo. vote! >> reporter: there were protesters as well. people protesting the crackdown on medical marijuana. there were anti-war protesters an romney supporters as well were gathered -- and romney support as well were gathered. you are looking at some highway patrol officers who just arrived here about five minutes ago. it looks like they are preparing possibly for the presidential motorcade that will probably happen here sometime in the next couple of hours. the streets are closed to vehicle traffic. you can see pedestrians are getting through here just fine. we've seen some intercontinental employees actually having to go to the police and show them their work i.d.s just so they can get through. it is pretty high security. now the, the president will -- now, the president will leave here and head to ohio where he will address the crowd at ohio university later today. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> one of president o
capita. which provides business tax breaks. san san jose rates second, irving, chandler arizona and austin, texas round out the top five. >>> if you bought a new car this year, chances are it's either white off silver. 22% of those vehicles are white. silver comes in at 20%. shades of gold and brown as well as blue and green lank lowest. >>> a cabdriver in -- rank loafest. >>> a dab driver is being hailed a hero after he returned $220,000 a passenger left behind. and dam says he could not dash adam says -- says he could not believe his eyes when he looked in the back and saw almost $250,000 in cash and he turned the money over to the company's lost and found department. >> it's not my mine. >> the owner of the cash says he won the money at a las vegas casino and left it in the cab on the way to the airport. he gave the cabdriver a $2,000 reward for his honesty. >> i don't know if i would ever leave that -- >> very careful. >>> 8:20. victims of abuse react to the jerry sandusky sentencing. >> what i found disturbing was his behavior. >>> a bay area man is giving his opinion on th
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